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Keep this in mind before buying Sterling Silver Jewelry Online:

Silver in its original form is extremely soft which makes it difficult to use it for making jewelry. Silver cannot be moulded into different shape when it is 100% pure. Even if it is done so, it will soon lose its shape. Therefore, alloy is added to the silver for making jewelry so that it gains some strength for retaining its shape. Sterling silver consists 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. Now a days when everything is available at your doorsteps, you prefer not to put efforts in shopping offline. It is obviously a comfortable way to shop from your home. However, while buying sterling silver jewelry online you must keep some things in mind which includes:

  • Hallmark: Every piece of jewelry made up of sterling silver should have the “925” stamp on it. While buying sterling silver jewelry online you should read the descriptions very well. If it emphasis on being 925 sterling jewelry, your surety strengthens. Sometimes jewelry is just polished with sterling silver. So, this hallmark helps you in confirming if the products are genuine silver and are not disguised as such.
  • Liability limits: When you are ordering your sterling silver jewelry online, you should keep the liability in mind. The company should offer the physical delivery of the products ordered at their own risk. In other words, you are not liable for the jewelry until it is delivered to you in good condition. Any mishap during the delivery is not to be your liability.
  • Genuine Sellers: Do not compromise on the seller when it comes to precious metals like silver. Try to go for the large scale enterprises as they hold expertise in their business. Most of the dealers in silver selling online offer their jewelry to be delivered in domestic as well as international addresses. It can be an identification mark for genuine traders in some cases. The E-commerce enterprise you are trusting should follow fair business practices.
  • Return/Exchange policy: Your seller should offer some return or at least exchange policy if you find your silver sterling jewelry unsatisfactory. After buying, you can examine the product more closely and if you are doubtful that the sterling silver jewelry is not genuine you can claim an exchange or return. Also, any reputed enterprise will offer you this facility as they are sure about their products. Genuine dealers give their buyers the liberty to judge.

These are some of the important things you need to keep in mind before investing in sterling silver jewelry online. Keep yourself safe and get value for your money. Online shopping has its own comforts but while investing in these precious metals; you need to be more careful.